80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo games online. Many people find the 90-ball bingo game very long drawn out and the 75-ball game can often be very short. To balance this out, many bingo rooms are now offering 80-ball bingo.

In fact, although this game was not as popular as 75 or 90 Ball bingo when it started out, today it is slowly gaining popularity and so is being offered in a phenomenal number of online bingo sites.

This is also a very simple version of the game along with being the latest variant of bingo to gain so much popularity.

80 Ball Bingo

The earliest players of the game of 80-ball used to commonly call this version the Shutter Board bingo game.

This name was given to the game as a reference to the fact that in the game, when the caller called out a number, that number would be closed with a small shutter.

Even the online version of the game works the same way, with the number being covered as soon as it is called out.

As with any other bingo game, the specialty of this game lies in the ticket layout, the caller board and the various winning patterns. The 80-ball bingo game has a ticket that is very different from any other bingo game’s ticket.

While this game is not as common as the 90 Ball and the 75 Ball game, it is available in quite a few online casinos.

Before you choose to play an 80-ball bingo game however, it is important to first properly choose your casino, and ensure that it offers its players some bingo rooms that offer 80 ball bingo.

80 Ball Bingo is the newest variation of the Bingo games, combining aspects of 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo

Cards in 80 Ball Bingo have 4 rows and 4 columns each. Besides, every column has a different color: red, yellow, blue and silver.

Both number and color must be called out every time a new number comes out. Furthermore, the variety of winning figures available in 80 Ball Bingo cards is higher than that in classic 90 Ball Bingo.

For example, some of these figures can be simple lines, both vertical or horizontal, as well as the two possible diagonals. It is also possible to win when forming a straight cross, an X or when the player manages to mark the four corners of a ticket.

Of course this also includes completing the full card, or Black Out, to win the jackpot.

But it is the variety of medium type awards what makes 80 Ball to stand out against the old 90 Ball Bingo, in which the winning figures on the cards are far fewer and are always the same.

This variety of prizes in 80 Ball is not fixed, and each online casino can award prizes for different type of figures.

So it is wise for you to read the rules of this type of bingo in each online site before you begin to play. This way you will know which figures will give away which prizes.

This versatility of 80 Ball Bingo turns out in a fast and dynamic game and it is the main reason why 80 Ball style has become so popular at online bingo sites all around the World.

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