Bingo Apps

Online bingo is the evolution of the offline version of the game, but even the online version was never going to be free from further advancement.

As now all of our favourite brands have dedicated mobile bingo apps, with many offering mobile bingo games that have been adapted to function on players’ devices.

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Should you use a Mobile App?

If you love bingo as much as we do, then you should definitely think about using a mobile app. These give you the convenience and fun of a bingo site in the palm of your hand. Plus, if you want to jump on and join in on a jackpot game quickly then you can.

We don’t just use these apps out and about, we also love the convenience of using them at home. There’s no need to sit at a desktop computer to play, or to attempt to find your laptop, you can just use your phone or tablet. It’s all about comfort, convenience and speed when you choose to play bingo on a mobile device – whether that’s with a site or an app.

Browser Apps Vs Downloadable Apps

There are a number of differences between browser games and downloadable apps, we’ve covered a few of them below.

For example, the browser apps all operate with HTML web pages that have all been cut down to be compatible with mobiles and touch screen technology. The browser apps allow instant connection to your content whilst an app has to be downloaded and installed first.

There’s also the issue of compatibility as some apps won’t work with certain phones, browsers, however, are universal and work on any device.

However, browsers have their fair share of flaws, with browsers you have to sit through long load times and you usually have to login each time you visit a site. Apps, on the other hand, offer instantaneous access as the games are already installed on your device.

Downloadable apps can also incorporate features of your phone for gameplay, such as using motion controls or your devices mic or camera. Browsers, unfortunately, don’t have this feature.

What Makes a Great Bingo App?

Apps from bingo sites really can vary and not all of them are great. There are a few features to bingo apps that we like to check out to find out if they’re worth our while:

  • App Size – There’s no need for a bingo app to take up a whole load of space on your device. They really shouldn’t cause your device much hassle, if they do then you may want to think twice about keeping them around.
  • Choice – We don’t want to open up an app, only to find we’re not getting as many games as the desktop version. While not all games may be optimised for mobile, it’s important to still have a great deal of choice where possible.
  • Notifications – This does come with a caveat, we want to be notified for new promotions and games within the app, but we don’t want to receive these all the time so they are a nuisance. It’s nice to be reminded of things, but we don’t want to be bothered.
  • Stability – A pet peeve of ours is bingo apps that constantly crash or just don’t work. We want to play on apps that we can actually rely on, not ones that offer spotty performance.
  • Updates – With updates to the site, we also want to see updates to the app too, as there’s always room for improvement! You can check the last time the app was updated before you download it.
  • Compatibility – Some users have more than one phone or play bingo on a phone and a tablet. For this reason, we like apps that can be played on lots of different devices and aren’t restrictive.

As you can see, we really want a lot from our apps! This is because mobile sites are really pretty convenient, so it takes a lot to steer us away from them.

Social Games Vs Real Money

There are two types of games, the social and real money games.

The social games are played for fun and are free to play along. The name social games derives from the great social media integration allowing you to share your victories and fun moments with friends over Facebook.

Real Money games, however, are played far more seriously as they involve wagering real cash for a chance to get a large return. Plus, real money apps also come with a wider selection of games.

Android Vs iPhone

There are a lot of arguments for and against using Android or iPhone but as far as gaming goes they’re fairly similar, but they do have their own differences.

To start off, Androids have a larger screen which allows for better resolution and easier controls with its bigger playing area, also, some games also load faster on android than on iPhone.

However, the biggest issue with Androids is that it comes with a few compatibility problems with certain apps and sites. Even though that’s mainly confined to the older models of phones, you can still encounter the odd glitch on the newer models.

iPhones have a better compatibility with casino games and can run more demanding apps and sites, but unfortunately iPhone screens are smaller which makes the resolution more compressed.

Playing Securely

There are some top tips that can add to your security when you play mobile bingo:

  • Add a Password to your Device – The device that you use should be protected, just in case it were to fall into the wrong hands. If you pop a screen lock or password on your device then all of your logins will be more secure.
  • Pick Strong Credentials – This is the same for any online accounts you use, pick strong passwords and usernames that someone else couldn’t guess. Don’t share these details with anyone or be tempted to reveal them to another roomie.
  • Use Alternative Payments – More on this in a mo, but we recommend that you’re aware of and use alternative payment methods where possible. Then you don’t need to share your details with a site directly.
  • Vet the App – Try to only download trusted apps from bingo sites or the app store on your device. Don’t download apps that you don’t know or trust, as these can harbour viruses and cause issues on your device.
  • Use your 3G on the Move – Public Wi-Fi connections aren’t the safest, as everyone has access to them. Use your 3G if you’re playing on the go to give your transactions that extra bit of security.

While these may seem like a bit of a hassle, they’re great ways to improve your online security and keep your account locked down.

Which Payment Methods to Use?

You may be accustomed to always using your credit or debit card online, but these aren’t the only options. If you’d like to be more secure when you play with these bingo apps, then you could use:

  • PayPal – With an app of its own, it’s really simple for bingo players to authorise and make payments with this method. With just a fingerprint or password, users can make the transfer of cash – so it’s extra security without the extra hassle.
  • Paysafecard – If you want to make sure there’s no chance of anyone coming across your details, then keep them offline for good with this payment method. Just top up a voucher and then you can use it online, without sharing any of your details.
  • Pay by Mobile – You can also use your mobile phone bill to make the payment, which is pretty simple. You just have to enter your phone number and then respond to the text that comes through to authorise.

There are usually new ways to pay coming along regularly, which includes the likes of cryptocurrencies etc. This is always changing, so you’ll want to stay up to date with the latest ones, so you can pick the ones that are best for you.

Slots on Bingo Apps

Quite often, bingo apps don’t just contain bingo games as they can also have slots in there too! These fun games can feel somewhat like mini games, but there’s still the option to win cash within them.

We love these games because:

  • They look great on mobile! With HD and 3D graphics, there’s so much fun to be had on these games. We love seeing the latest, coolest slot games in these apps and giving them a whirl.
  • You can play them whenever you feel like it and wager however much you would like, unlike bingo games where you have to be in the room at a set time and pay a set amount for your tickets.
  • It offers a change of pace for bingo players, as you get to play on faster paced games. This helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

What’s Next for Bingo Apps?

As we move through the coming year, we’re bound to see some big changes with regards to the way we play bingo in apps. Here are the ones that we’re anticipating soon:

  • New Devices – With the smartphone war raging between manufacturers, we’re seeing new devices coming onto the market regularly. This will only continue, which means we’ll have more choice as to which devices we use to play on.
  • Streamlined Software – As well as devices getting better, software that we use will also be getting better too. This means that the apps don’t take as much space and be overall better for the player.
  • More Exposure – Generally speaking, apps are getting more exposure as they’ve only just been allowed in the Google Play store. This is good for those that prefer to use apps, as it means more sites will probably put the effort into making them.
  • Better Graphics – This is an ongoing trend, as sites and games are always looking to make games with better games. This includes improving on the graphics, to make them brighter and generally nicer looking on your device.
  • Improved Lobbies – On some mobile apps, the lobby can be finicky and hard to make your way around. This means that you can spend a lot of time trying to get into the room before you start to play bingo! This isn’t ideal for players, as it cuts into your bingo time so improved lobbies are a bonus.
  • Instant Apps – Some apps can be downloaded instantly, which means you can play them instantly too. You may see these as you visit your favourite sites, which will automatically put the app directly onto your device. This is cool tech and something that might just sway us to enjoying more app based games.

Mobile Exclusive Promotions

One reason that you may want to take part in bingo on your mobile is to make the most of mobile exclusive bonuses. These are special offers that are just for those on their mobile device, as the name would suggest.

These are often rolled out by sites that want to get players interested in their mobile app. Sometimes you can even get exclusive bonuses just for paying with a certain payment method!

They can add more onto your deposit or give you a grand prize as part of a giveaway – make sure you’re aware of these opportunities to win more.

Mobile gaming is the best way you can play bingo as it lets you access your content wherever and whenever you like.

If you’re looking for a fun platform to get your bingo fix we recommend downloading a mobile bingo app or visiting a site directly with your phone’s browser.

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