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Currency: British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, US Dollar,
Min. Deposit: $/£/€10
Min. Withdrawal: $/£/€10
Processing Time: 3-5 working days
Software: Daub Alderney, Eyecon, IGT, Microgaming, Realistic Games,
Banking: Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, PaySafe, Visa,
License: Alderney, UK,

Bingo Extra is another member of the respected gaming group Daub. This opens the group’s special promotions to players that become online customers.

Like many online gaming sites Bingo Extra is trying to come up with special deals for their patrons like chat bingo and swapping pictures and music. They also have a wExtrae selection of games and bingo patterns to choose between to keep the bingo play fresh and interesting.

The feeling of a friendly atmosphere is important to any bingo site, as this is what many players want from the site they play on. Bingo Extra does a good job in promoting its site as a friendly place to play.

Bingo Extra Review

Another factor that Bingo Extra tries to capture on its site is the effort to keep the players playing and entertained at the same time. People that have a good time are more likely to return to play again.

The site offers many bingo games that have a wExtrae range of prizes and cost per card to play. The special games that are offered weekly or monthly are designed to give the players a chance to win a bigger jackpot.

These larger prizes keep the players coming back and keeps them playing. Bingo Extra does a good job of coming up with promotions that are interesting to play as well as lucrative to the winner.

Larger prizes are an attraction to most bingo players, which accounts for the fact that Bingo Extra has many scheduled big jackpot games during a calendar year.

Loyalty points are given to active players and can be used to buy cards or enter special game promotions This is a reward for players who are online a great many times in a month. Read the rules and then use the points to your best advantage.

Bingo Extra Deposits

Deposit methods include Visa and MasterCard credit cards, PayPal and Neteller. The initial deposit is matched 100% up to the amount of £125. Neteller has the reputation for fast access to withdrawn funds. A player should read the withdrawal rules for any gaming site, as the rules are different from site to site.

Customer support is critical to any relationship between the online site and the player. Bingo Extra offers support by phone and email.

The bingo games range in card prizes and jackpot sizes. One of the progressive games consistently grows the jackpot to over £30,000. The variety of games is large enough that most players will find a game that they want to play.

For a diversion while online, the player can also play casino games, slots and scratch cards. The full listing of choices for play is substantial and BingoExtra is a better bingo site due to the games it offers for play by their customers.

Bingo Extra is s high value bingo site and after a trial play many players would consExtraer it a site that warrants further play. The substantial game choices make it a site with many avenues for play in bingo or other gaming vehicles.

Bingo Extra Promo Code

With the severe competition between the many bingo sites it is critical that any bingo site make a good impression on the players who give the site a try. Bingo Extra does exactly that and many new players will give the site further play over time.

Win one of the bigger jackpots and the decision to play on Bingo Extra is one that a player would feel was an excellent decision.

The mission of the site is to get players to play bingo and at the same time help them to be entertained. Gaming and fun go together like ice cream and a fudge topping.

One of the many reasons that players come to play and then stay to play is the large number of choices a player has to choose between. Game choices help to keep players interested in the site, as the diversity keeps boredom away.

If chatting while you play bingo is your thing, then Bingo Extra will make you a happy player. Active players are awarded Loyalty Poi8nts that can be used to buy cards for games, or enter special games.

They cannot be turned in for cash. Another way to get Loyalty Points is by referring friends to the site and if they become a player, the site will award you points for the referral.

Another reason to play on this site is the big jackpot games that are promoted each month or week. This gives the player a chance to hit a big score for a small investment. These games do attract many players, but someone does have to win each time.

Games with special card deals are always popular on any bingo site and Bingo Extra has these also. The general thought about this site is they are doing the right things to get players and then keep them interested in the site.

BingoExtra Games

BingoExtra bingo games range from small jackpot games to monster jackpot games. The card prices for the games are based on the prizes the games give to the winner of the game.

Since these jackpots vary, the card prizes also range in price. The site also offers casino games like Blackjack and Roulette as well as slots and video poker.

Bingo is the main game on the site, but the other games are there for a player to take a break from the bingo wars.

Their reputation for so Extra bingo sites is enough reason to give any player a reason for trying the site. The games have interesting patterns as well as a big range of prizes.

Well-trained staff people who usually know the answers to questions that are put to them do the support.

The monster jackpot games are well attended and this means the odds for winning are reduced due to the larger number of cards that are sold for the games. How ever as any bingo player knows, it only takes one card to win.

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100% Free Bingo Bonus or 100% Free Slots Bonus

Bingo Extra
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  • Numerous Deposit Options including Visa
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