Cyber Bingo

$25 No Deposit Bonus + 10 Free Spins

Currency: Bitcoin, Euro, US Dollar,
Min. Deposit: $/£/€25
Min. Withdrawal: $/£/€100
Processing Time: 24 -48 hours
Software: Vista Gaming,
Banking: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, EcoPayz, MasterCard, Visa, WU,
License: Curacao,

Cyber Bingo is a sensational new concept in the world of online bingo. Not only is it an excellent bingo site, but it has one incredible twist.

Because, every time you wager at Cyber Bingo, you earn free lottery tickets!

Register today, and you will earn a juicy welcome bonus, which means your money will be doubled up. Just to make it even sweeter, Cyber Bingo will reward you with an extra 400% on every reload.

This means if you deposit £20 the second time you play Cyber Bingo, they will give you an extra $10.

Cyber Bingo hosts an excellent variety of American style 75 ball bingo.

Of course, there’s a great range of chat games and instant games – set your bingo games to automatic, have a dabble on the slot machines and drastically increase your chance of winning.

This fine site is brought to you by Parlay, who are the same people who bring us Bingo Fest and Bingo Spirit. CyberBingo comes from a fine pedigree, and with sister sites like these, the gameplay, promotions, chat moderators and roomies should be of a similar superb standard.

This site is going to be massive in the online bingo world, but with something like this, it pays to have as many people playing as possible.

So, you need to get inviting your friends to join the site and form syndicates. Invite your friends to join, and CyberBingo will give you free bonus points.

So, it’s time to get Cyber Bingo, join a syndicate, and to get wagering.

cyber bingo

Start your Cyber Bingo career with a massive welcome bonus.

Cyber Bingo are keen that new members don’t fade into obscurity as a one-hit wonder. Every time you make a redeposit, CyberBingo will reward you absolutely free.

But the action at Cyber Bingo really gets going every Friday night: be there at 9PM for your chance to win a cool collection of music memorabilia.

Cyber Bingo has landed and what a breath of fresh air it is too, like other notable new online bingo sites before it such as Vics Bingo and Amigo Bingo, the new site just seems to push boundaries that little bit further.

Whether it is the look, game play or the wonderful bingo promotions, free bingo games 24/7 paying real cash prizes, the deposit bonuses available or possibly the mix of all of them we can’t say but one thing is for sure Cyber Bingo is here and is very likely to stand the test of time.

There seems to be a distinct signal of how well that a bingo site will do and that seems to be in the confidence of the bingo site themselves to promote it.

The fact that Cyber Bingo has gone full out immediately with a advertising campaign like Cyber, is almost an indicator of how much confidence that they have in their own future success.

After all if they are prepared to fork out substantial amounts on prime time TV advertising then surely they are not likely to cut corners in all other aspects of the online bingo site.

So what can players expect from CyberBingo

In fact there are five free bingo rooms at Cyber Bingo offering prizes from as little as a £1 upwards to a massive $600.

Entrance to some of the bingo games must be earned by gaining truffle points, these points can be gained from playing bingo, instant games and gaining a bingo win on the truffle pattern.

In the game lobby (which incidentally is a visual delight) Cyber Bingo helpfully features little chocolate truffles on each bingo room, one truffle signifies this free bingo room is open to all players.

So where are our criticisms of Cyber Bingo then?

Well there is one and it is a very minor one, when playing the Cyber Bingo rooms occasionally a disgusting green monster appears over the bingo cards, the creature makes some disgusting faces then slides off screen leaving one of his eyeballs behind.

This remaining eye then blinks and slides of screen. A personal preference would be not to have this feature included, it seems a little ludicrous after obviously paying so much to have a beautiful site designed why sully it with something so cheap and nasty.

Also there is the obstruction of viewing all your bingo cards for a few moments which is irritating. It is as we say a very minor point, so don’t let it spoil your otherwise fabulous bingo gaming experience.

If this is the only fault we can find with this site then it is testament to how good the overall bingo experience is.

Cyber Bingo Prizes

The list of games and side games that are featured at Cyber Bingo are varied, range in jackpots, ticket prices and patterns. Many of the games have a 1p card price to go along with very decent game prizes.

Big winners that are listed on the site show a range of prizes from the low $7,000 to over $68,000.

This list gives players a taste of the prizes that are available to be won on this site. This is not a small prize bingo casino. Once a player has decided this site deserves more play, the featured games are more than enough action to keep the player very busy.

There are thousands of bingo sites on the Internet, but the list of good sites drops the total a great deal when comparing the good with the adequate. Cyber Bingo is in the upper group. Sites like this are well worth the trial and playing sessions on it every week or so.

Cyber Bingo is a winner among the many bingo sites that make up part of the bingo sites on the Internet.

This smaller group is the group of bingo sites that have a following and are considered the better bingo sites. The reason for the high grade in bingo sites, is due to the selection of games that the site offers every month.

Their friendly staff and great players online are also part of the reason that the site is one that keeps doing well with both new and old customers.

Cyber Bingo Bonuses

The bonus is more than adequate for the first deposit. Bonus terms are better than many other sites offer their customers. As the saying goes, treat your customers right and other customers will come to the business. This is exactly what has been happening at Cyber Bingo.

Reviews of Cyber Bingo show that the site has excellent games and a bonus program the is very attractive. A new player registers an account and gets 20 free bingo cards and 1000 loyalty points.

On the first deposit the player receives a matching bonus of up to 500%. All further deposits receive a matching bonus of 400%. If a player refers a friend that opens a cash account, the player doing the referral receives 5,000 loyalty points.

The other facet of Cyber Bingo is the promotion of the featured games that are presented online. The range of prizes is a wide group going from huge jackpots to reasonable prizes that are still worth winning.

There are straight cash prize games and games that payoff in merchandise.

Cyber Bingo accepts USA Players

There is one game that could make a player an instant millionaire. there are others that just have nice prizes.

When a player considers the bonus money and the games that are offered on Cyber Bingo, it is apparent that the combination of the two make this bingo site one that could be fun to play on. It is the combination that makes this site a winner among players.

Either one by itself would not be as powerful as the pair of elements are together. Players are after both elements and when they find a site that offers both they are willing to give the site a chance for a few sessions.

As always the suggestion is read the terms and conditions to see what the rules are for withdrawals. Every site has its own rules and few sites have the same rules.

It is one element of bingo sites that do not make any sense, as sites could come up with rules that are consistent. Don’t hold your breath until this happens.


Cyber Bingo has many reasons to do business with them. The bonus and the games are ample reason to try the site. It is not hard to find single reasons and multiple reasons to get off the dime and visit this site. Money and captivating are both part of the attraction to Cyber Bingo.

Players that are looking for bingo sites to play on have a real problem these days as there are so many sites online that it is kind of like looking for single grain in a pile of grains. This is getting more difficult every month as more and more bingo sites open up every month.

This profusion of sites is muddying the waters so to speak as new sites offer some real deals to new players in bonus money and the games they offer. Suggestion for now is stick with the better older sites until the shake out of new sites is completed.

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