Pay by Phone

Mobile Bingo these days is a huge market and lots of players love it for its convenience, ease of use, and manageability, and it has become a whole lot easier to manage your online bingo accounts straight from your mobile with pay by phone bill bingo!

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What are Phone Bill Payments?

Making phone bill payments is an easy solution for players that want to add their deposits onto their usual phone bill. This allows you to play now and pay later on when your bill comes through.

How to Make Phone Bill Payments on a Bingo Site

The process of making a phone bill payment is really simple. All you need to do is head to one of the many pay by phone bill bingo sites out there and enter your phone number in on the cashier window.

Add the number and the amount you want to deposit and then you will receive a text to confirm. Once you reply or use the PIN, your payment will be made instantly.

There are two main providers that make these payments for you, Payforit and Boku. Payforit and Boku bingo are largely the same, with a few small details. Boku is more widely accepted but Payforit allows you to deposit more, other than that there is very little to distinguish the two.

Are there Other Options?

There are other options out there that you can use if you want to stay safe online. These have their own unique perks, which we’ll take you through. This helps you to pick the right payment method for you!


These are really popular, with big names like PayPal and Neteller part of this group of payment methods.

They’re characterised by adding your credit or debit card to the eWallet and then transferring the money to the merchant. They’re like a middle man that handles the payment for you so you don’t need to disclose your details.


You may be familiar with Paysafecard, which is the most popular eVoucher method. This kind of voucher allows you to top up in a store, with cash if you like, then redeem it online. The catch is that you can’t always get out to a store to buy one or use it.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are really heating up the casino market, it surely won’t be long before this happens with bingo too! They’re not really widely accepted yet, but watch this space.

Prepaid Cards

These cards can be used just like your regular credit or debit card, but they only have a set amount on them. This means you can play at just about any bingo site, while still keeping your details safe.

The Nitty Gritty

If we get right down to the pros and cons of pay by phone bingo then you’ll be more equipped to use it:

Pros of Phone Bill Payments

  • The deposit limit is generally low, which is good for frugal players and will prevent you from spending too much money.
  • You don’t need to have your card handy to use it, as you can just use your phone number and a text to make a deposit.
  • It’s more secure than sharing your card details, as the merchant doesn’t get to see your details. Also, a deposit can’t be made without an approval from your device.
  • The site won’t be able to see your payment method, they’ll just see your phone number.
  • You can make these deposits now and pay for them later, as you’ve got until your regular phone bill is due.
  • Players can also top up with an airtime voucher if they don’t have a monthly bill.
  • You don’t need to remember passwords, all you need is your phone and you’re ready to play.

Cons of Phone Bill Payments

  • The limits on your deposit may not be great for high rollers, PayPal bingo will give you much higher limits.
  • You can’t withdraw with this method, similar to Paysafecard, so you’ll need to use another payment method to make the withdrawal.
  • You’ll need to be extra careful with your phone just in case someone gets a hold of it with your payment details.
  • Some sites don’t give a no deposit bonus when you use this payment method to authenticate your account.

Alternate payment methods come in a range of options, so if these pros and cons make this payment method less appealing, then you may prefer to try another one. Paying by phone bill is convenient for modest depositors, but high rollers may not be suited to this method. If you prefer splashing out, then there are other options out there.

It all comes down to your preference as a player, so take all of these aspects into account before you start using it.

Complaints or Queries

If you have any complaints or queries then you should get in touch with your phone carrier. They’ll be able to clear up any questions that you have and give you more information about the payment, where it was made and when.

This is the best way to clear up any problems or queries that you might have about the transaction. They can also go about reversing it if you let them know it wasn’t you who made the transaction in the first place.

Fraud Protection

If you do get to the point at which you think you may have been the victim of fraud, then the next steps are very important.

Don’t hesitate to take them as they will reduce your risk of losing a lot of money. Here’s a step by step of what to do if you think this may have happened to you:

  1. Contact your Bank – No matter what way you pay, it leads back to your bank details. That’s why your first step should be to contact your bank and cancel your card. This is also helpful as they can walk you through the next steps and give you advice on what to do next.
  2. Contact the Site – You’ll also want to make the site aware that your account has been compromised, you can usually do this through the support function. They may have the power to cancel any withdrawals and help you through the next stages.
  3. Change Passwords – If you do tend to use the same passwords on a variety of sites then you should definitely move quickly on changing these. The person who has gained access to your account may now have access to your password, if you use the same credentials on other accounts then they might have access to these too.
  4. Remain in Contact – Most times, in instances of online fraud, your bank will work to find out when the breach may have happened. You’ll want to be responsive and help them out with any questions that they have about it.
  5. Report the Cause – If you think the fraud came from a dodgy account or even a virus then you can get in touch with Action Fraud. They’ll log the details and this could potentially lead to the site being shut down or require them to beef up security. This means that you could prevent fraud from happening to someone else.

It can be easy to panic or not know what to do when you see fraud happening in one of your accounts. Just keep a clear head and follow these steps, the faster you can alert the relevant people, the more likely you will be to stop the fraud in its tracks.

The Process of Depositing

Now that we have that unpleasant business out the way, we’re going to give you a step by step on how to make deposits with this payment method. It’s super simple and we’re walking you through the process below:

  1. Register with the site
  2. Provide your phone details
  3. Make a deposit

After you’ve went through the first couple of steps, you won’t need to do these again. You’ll be all set up and ready to deposit with ease.

How to Withdraw

So, you can’t withdraw back onto your phone bill and that’s a bit of a pain. There are other options however, our preference would be to use PayPal. There are a few reasons for this, namely:

  • It’s Secure – We’re going to a lot of effort keeping ourselves secure using phone bill payments, so we don’t want to just provide our card details. Instead, we use our PayPal accounts to withdraw money without having to go through that.
  • It’s Convenient – If you’re already all signed up with PayPal then you only need to sign in to request a withdrawal. This is super simple and you don’t need to have your card details to hand to get started.
  • It’s Fast – Generally, when you look into the banking section of a bingo site, you will see that PayPal is the quickest way to withdraw your cash. After the approval period, it can go into your account right away, versus 3 to 5 days when compared to a bank card.

This isn’t the only option, as you could also use your card to withdraw, but it’s one of the best. If you don’t like using PayPal then the site will give you other options instead when it comes to the banking process.

Different Kinds of Phone Bill Payments

You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned a couple of different phone bill payment types, Boku and Payforit. So what’s the difference? Really, not so much!

Deposit Limits

The way the deposit limits work are slightly different with these payment methods. When you use Boku, you’ll be limited to £10 per transaction and a total of £30 per day. If you opt to use Payforit instead, you’ll have a transaction limit of £30 but no daily limit.

Authorisation Method

The way that you authorise your payment is different when you use these methods too. With Boku, you reply to a text or you can use the app. Payforit relies on you entering a PIN from the text online to clear the payment, though both versions are secure enough.

These are the only two integral differences that you really need to know about, the rest are mostly just small elements, like apps and different sites that accept them. Basically, if you’re comfortable with one of them then you’ll feel au fait with the other too.

The Problem of Online Fraud

You might think that all these payment methods are a bit over the top, but the statistics on online fraud definitely warrant it! The instances of fraud are rising each year, with an 8% average rise in the last few years.

This kind of fraud costs consumers and banks, as they have to pay out for lost money. The banks can sometimes stop fraud in around 60% of cases when alerted early, but prevention is definitely better than cure in this case! As scams and fraud becomes more sophisticated, it’s essential to take extra measures to protect yourself.

Charities and government bodies have been set up specifically to help consumers stay safe online. You can ask them for advice and follow their best practice tips to help you out too.

Q and A

You’ve got questions and we have answers! If you’re planning on using this payment method, then here are some of the most common questions that we come up against:

Q. How can I keep track of my spend?

A. Just log into your phone bill account with your carrier, they’ll update your bill with whatever you’ve spent so you don’t get a shock at the end of the month!

Q. Why can’t I make another deposit?

A. Some phone bill payments have a daily limit, if you’ve already reached it then you won’t be able to make another. Also, your carrier may have blocked this option if they detect suspicious activity, give them a ring to get it sorted.

Q. I didn’t make a transaction but it’s on my account, what do I do?

A. The first step is to contact your carrier, who will tell you a bit more about the transaction. Then, if you think that it may be fraudulent you can dispute the charge. This will start a process by which you can cancel the transaction and get your money back.

Q. I keep getting annoying marketing messages, how do I get rid of them?

A. This is a bit of an annoyance with phone bill payments, as the merchant has your phone number they can use this to communicate with you. This can include regular marketing messages, if you’re not interested in playing there again then these will most likely just irritate you. Just opt out by replying with the word STOP and they’ll halt.

Q. Can I delete my account?

A. Yes, if you don’t fancy using phone bill payments any more then you can delist yourself. By blocking your number from the service, you won’t be able to use them in future.

These pretty much cover everything that you need to know about the process, it’s really straightforward overall.


There are a few terms that you will probably encounter when you use this service, check out our glossary:

  • Merchant – This would refer to the bingo site in this case, basically the person that you are sending money to.
  • Bingo Provider – The site on which you’re playing.
  • Carrier – A phone carrier is the company that provides you with a connection, like Vodafone or Virgin.
  • Middleman – This term is used within alternate payment methods to denote the company that handles the payment for you and passes it to the merchant.
  • PIN – Personal Identification Number, basically a number that you use to prove you’re the account owner.
  • Transaction Fee – An added fee that’s either taken off your deposit or added to your bill, which covers the costs associated with the transaction.

Don’t let a glossary put you off experimenting with mobile bingo pay by phone bill options, you’ll pick up these terms before you know it.

Protecting your Details Online

Payment methods are a large part of protecting yourself online, but there are some other things that you’ll want to take into account too. Here are some handy hints to help you out:

Choose Strong, Unique Passwords

Even the most forgetful bingo players should take time to create strong and unique passwords. It can feel tricky to remember all of these but it’s well worth it. If you use similar passwords on lots of sites then they’re more vulnerable to hacking.

Use Secure Connections

While you’re in a local café or the library, you may be tempted to join the free Wi-Fi to play, instead of using your precious mobile data. However, this is a mistake as you don’t have a secure and private connection.

This means that it’s easier for someone to intercept the data that you’re sending, including your password and payment information.

Vet your Site

Before you rush into a new site and start playing, make sure that they have all the right accreditation to allow you to play there. This includes checking their gambling licence and any security features of the site too.

These added steps, along with secure payments will ensure that you keep yourself in the right and safe. It can be time consuming to do so, but it’s a lot more time consuming to get your money back if your account is compromised.

New EU Rules to Fight Fraud

The EU have introduced new rules to keep the public safe from fraud, as online fraud costs the economy millions each year. As of next year, they’ll be bringing in new rules about the way that we make payments to cut down the instances of fraud.

This means that payment gateways will need to add an extra layer of security, by using a two-step process. This would mean that your payment would require a password as well as a fingerprint, facial scan or PIN to complete it.

This would mean that if your identity or even your phone were stolen, your payment information would still have another barrier in place to keep it safe.

Boku is Now Publicly Traded

Boku is an American based company, but they’re now publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. This means that you can use them with confidence knowing that they have the seal of approval from their UK based investors. It also means they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

This should also give them a lot of clout in the UK too, as they’re making waves in the industry. This may also have a knock on effect as to how many operators are aware of them, which may give us more choice on where we play with Boku.


If you want to play mobile bingo pay with phone bill then we would recommend that you try it for yourself. It’s so easy and you don’t even need to pay for your deposit until your regular phone bill is due. It’s secure too, so give it a go!

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