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Now pay attention we have found the perfect online Bingo site where you can play free Bingo, whenever you want too, and have the chance of winning a whole host of prizes that also include bucket full of cash! There is no better site than the one we are going to showcase you for playing Free Bingo online.

Internet Bingo is the name of this free play online bingo site and it will take you a couple of minutes to sign up as a new free Bingo player and then you can set forth and play free Bingo whenever you want to.

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You may be asking yourself how they work and operate, so let us tell you that they are part of a huge online Bingo gaming company who offer several different online Bingo sites that are long established and offer all manner of Bingo jackpots and games.

They have put together their Internet Bingo site to enable players who may have spent up their Bingo budget for the week to still be able to play their favorite Bingo games online and without ever having to spend a cent to do so.

The idea is simple, simply try and play as many of their free play Bingo games as you possibly can and by doing so for every single Bingo game you win you will be given one free entry into their monthly draw and this is the key to winning plenty of free Bingo prizes.

At the end of each month all Bingo winners will have their names placed into the draw, each winning Bingo games gives you one free entry, and then they pull out names, one at a time and allocate all manner of free prizes to these draw winners.

They give away a massive range of prizes to their Bingo winners and you can win I Pods, Plasma Televisions or even cold hard cash, all this simply for playing free Bingo online.

So what are you waiting for get yourself over to their website and register as a free Bingo player then try and play as many free Bingo games as you can, the more you play the better the chances of you winning, and the more free Bingo games you win the more entries into their monthly draw you will get.

What does ‘keep what you win bingo’ mean?

When you join a bingo site and get a bonus, it’s usually available immediately in your account as bonus funds.

Players are then free to start spending this on bingo tickets or slots, however if anything is won from the bonus cash, players will often find that there are tricky terms and conditions to meet in order to withdraw these winnings.

This is usually the same for both no deposit bonuses and regular deposit bonuses. At the least there are usually wagering requirements which state that players must wager their bonus a set amount of time before winnings are eligible for withdrawal from the site. Alternatively some sites simply insist that you spend the bonus funds again on site.

So what makes keep what you win bingo sites different? Well, it’s really quite simple. When you get your bonus funds you can’t withdraw them right away, but when you do use them you get to keep whatever you win.

This means that if you were to get a £10 bonus and you used it on their games, winning £5, you can withdraw that fiver and use it for whatever you like. You can’t just withdraw the initial £10, but whatever you win from it you can go ahead and withdraw.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements is the amount of times that you must wager any bonus cash BEFORE you can withdraw it. The aim of these is usually to reduce your funds significantly before you are able to wager them the required amount of times.

On some sites, this can mean you have to play your same bonus funds as much as 40 times! So by the time you’ve wagered a £10 bonus, 40x you’ll likely have even less to withdraw – purely down to the way the probabilities work on the game.

This is how some sites can afford to give you £20 to £40 in bonus funds as realistically this won’t turn into real cash. Even if you do manage to hit a jackpot, you will then need to wager that amount before you are able to withdraw.

No Wagering Requirements vs Low Wagering Requirements

The amount of times that you are required to wager the bonus funds you are awarded changes depending on where you play. Some sites only ask you to wager them a few times, rather than the hundreds of times that others do.

This gives them the best of both worlds, as they are able to offer value for money to their players while also protecting themselves too. These are a bit easier to find than keep what you win sites, as many operators want at least a small amount of protection.

However keep what you win sites offer more transparency in that they do as they say – free bingo bonus keep what you win, it’s as simple as that, no wagering requirements attached.

This means that it’s a lot less complicated to figure out what you need to do to withdraw, as some low wagering sites still have tricky T&Cs to work out.

Are there big prizes on offer?

If you’re a seasoned bingo player then you’ll know just how much you can win on free bingo, but on many sites you can’t do anything with it. Instead of allowing these funds to stagnate in your account, the sites mentioned above let you take it out and do whatever you like with it.

This is far preferable to most bingo players as it’s free bingo no deposit keep what you win. There are less restrictions on how you use your bonus and what you can do with it, though bonus amounts may be smaller as a result.

It’s all about understanding that funds with high wagering requirements are really just theoretical, as the chances of you turning it into money are low.

If you’re playing on other sites, they may entice you with a week of newbie bingo, worth hundreds of pounds.

On the above sites it really is worth hundreds but the difference is that it’s cash instead if funds. While you may initially just look at the big number and be put off, once you really look into the fine print you will realise they’re a lot better for your wallet.

Jackpots can come and go but playing for free and winning for real is an unrivalled offer. It makes every bonus amount much more likely to bring you a return, as it’s like you’re playing with real cash.

Therefore, if you’re getting a 100% deposit bonus on a keep what you win bingo site, it’s worth so much more than on a site with high wagering requirements.

What about T&Cs?

As with everything, there are always catches when you play this kind of bingo game. These can vary from site to site but may include:

  • Exclusions – Not every player may be eligible to play in free keep what you win bingo sites, as they may only be for certain players on the site. This may mean that you have to have deposited a certain amount or within a certain time frame to be eligible to play.
  • Withdrawal Limits – Although your winnings may be credited as cash, you may have to satisfy some limits before you are able to withdraw it. This will be outlined in the terms and conditions, and can include things like a minimum deposit, ID checks and other things that you’ll need to satisfy.
  • Bonus Abuse – If you’re claiming lots of bonuses to play on these kinds of bingo sites, then you may find that you get banned. This could be because you’re using the same address to sign up or the same details. This is important as any account you’re using, new or old, could be banned entirely from the site.
  • Different Terms for Different Bonuses – This can be unusual, but you should still look out for it. Different bonuses can sometimes carry different terms, for example a welcome bonus may be keep what you win but your VIP perks carry wagering requirements. This could be because a site wants to seem initially attractive for players, but once they have you there things change.
  • Expiry Dates – When you get a bonus to play this kind of bingo, you may only have a set period of time in which to use it in full. If you don’t, then you may log into your account to find that your bonus has disappeared before you use and withdraw it.

We always recommend that you read into the fine print of a site, as you might just find something in there that you’re not too fond of.

Pros and Cons of Using these Sites

There are significant pros and cons of using these sites, which you’ll want to know about in advance. Here are some of the most important ones to know about before you get playing!


  • You don’t need to worry about wagering through bonuses to actually be able to withdraw them.
  • There are generally fewer terms and conditions to read through before you get started.
  • Players generally feel that they get more for their money on these sites.
  • It can feel somewhat fairer to play on sites that don’t make you jump through as many hoops to be able to withdraw.


  • Players may find that bonuses and jackpots are a little smaller on these sites, as there’s more cash being given away.
  • They can be very strict in other ways, such as banning players for bonus abuse or only allowing certain payment methods to be used.
  • They can be a little trickier to find than other kinds of bingo sites with higher wagering requirements.

As you can see, it’s up to you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of these before you go ahead and start playing.

How to Find the Best Keep what you Win Sites

When looking for the best keep what you win sites, it’s important to take into account more than just the welcome offer. We like to take a good look around the site to take into account the following:

Continuing Player Offers

While a site may let you keep what you want in terms of bonuses, but if they don’t have many to speak of then you won’t really be able to make the most of this. Continuing player offers, like VIP schemes, loyalty perks and reloads are really important to ensure that you’re always getting more bang for your buck.

Withdrawal Times and Methods

If being able to withdraw with ease then you should be aware of which methods you can use and how long they’ll take.

This means taking a sneak peek into the banking section and checking out the pertinent details. This could let you in on things that may mean you reconsider playing there, like withdrawal times or certain methods being for deposit only.

Safety and Security

As always, double check that a site is safe and secure for you to be playing on too. If something seems a bit too good to be true then you may want to take a bit more time to double check that it’s all above board. Check into the licence of the site and also the security that they have in place to protect your details.

Read Reviews

Finally, if you’re an avid reader on our site then you’ll most likely be doing this already! Just take a read through our reviews and you’ll be able to find out all about the different sites that we rate and hate. We may even come up with some interesting info that you hadn’t thought about yet.

What’s Next for these Sites?

The landscape of bingo is changing, and for a lot of bonus offers this means that we’re seeing them less frequently. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the case for these kinds of sites!

This is because of the bonus tax that came in last year, as this added on a sizeable levy to bonus funds. For many sites, this means that it’s much more attractive to give these bonuses out as cash or keep what you win bonuses. Then they pay less tax and players get a better deal.

Some of the bigger brands out there have already made the switch, which is fantastic to see. We’d much rather be playing with slightly less in funds and be able to actually turn it into cash instead. Some brands are also switching up the way that they give out free spins too, in order to allow players to keep what they win.

If you come across a site offering ‘fairer’ terms then this is most likely what they are referring to. This benefits the site and also their players, so it’s actually a win win.

As a bingo player, you want to earn more cash and be able to use it where you like, without jumping through hoops in order to get it into your pocket. Join any of the sites mentioned above, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

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