Enjoy the Best Online Bingo Experience playing at Wink Bingo

Wink bingo is one of the most popular bingo sites on the web. The demographic for this online site is almost strictly female, with the main colour scheme being pink and light blue.

Upon entering the site, an individual is faced with a multitude of bright banners and flashing advertisements. This really increases the sense of fun and excitement associated with this site.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

You probably know Wink Bingo from the crazy advert featuring the god and the Irish dancer. The company was founded in ...

Although the main game in this website is 75 and 90 ball bingo, there are other online casino games that are offered as well. These include slots, blackjack, instant games, progressive jackpots, and coverall jackpots.

For new players there is a 200% first deposit bonus with the opportunity to spin the Wheel after £10 has been deposited. This means that a new player can win £1000 on their first visit. The maximum bonus is £200 and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Positive Aspects of Wink Bingo

This website is less of a gambling site and more of a lifestyle one. Although there are plenty of games and promotions to choose from, there are also blogs and forums where players can communicate with each other.

The content that makes up the official Winkbingo blog very rarely has anything to do with gambling. The topics are vast and diverse and include topics such as celebrity gossip, parenting tips, recipes, and health and fitness.

There are also social networking opportunities that allow players to connect and communicate online. Players are encouraged to speak with one another and to enjoy everything the site has to offer.

The emphasis at Wink Bingo is really about having a balanced and full life that is comprised of other aspects outside of casino games.

The promotions offered by this site are the most vast out of any online bingo website. There are no less than sixteen promotions and bonuses that are available at any given time.

While new players are rewarded with the free Spin the Wheel option, there are other promotions to keep long-time players satiated. For example, there are the £6k Perfect Day and the Joy-Carnival: Risk Free £15k promotions.

Both allow players to play bingo for huge cash prizes and the chance to win exotic vacations. There are also monthly giveaways of electronics such as LCD televisions and mp3 players. People who join Wink Bingo will find that their loyalty is more than rewarded.

Negative Aspects of Wink Bingo

The site itself is very dense and there is a lot of material to look through. Even experienced online players might find it overwhelming to look over this site’s features and promotions.

A person needs to dedicate a good 10 – 15 minutes before signing up for the site and playing any games. The website also suffers from a lack of focus and there can be very little connective tissue between one page and the next.

This is a shame given the sheer number of promotions and bonuses associated with this site. However, because this website is dedicated more to fun rather than serious bingo play, the likelihood of winning is much greater.

Winners and Winnings

In order to find out about people’s winnings and online identities, a person has to sign up. While this can be frustrating when determining how much a person can win at Wink Bingo, it does speak to the considerable privacy offered by the website.

Given its massive online popularity, it can only be assumed that the largest sum that can be won is quite vast.

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