European Bingo Sites: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The popularity of online bingo is on the rise as there has been an exponential increase in the number of people playing online bingo. Online bingo has two main facets, which are depositing the money and then withdrawing it.

The payment option generally depends upon the Bingo website that you are using. Quite a few online bingo website might not be dealing with your preferred choice of payment.

This certainly is a big criterion in choosing the Bingo website that you would use for playing bingo. In order to enjoy the game of bingo, it is important that there is no delay in the transfer of funds.

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However, only going by the swiftness of the delivery of money is not the way to go as the security of the money is more important.

Online Bingo users in Europe normally use the following tried and tested options of depositing money while playing online bingo.

Flexible Online Payment Options

PayPal has come to be recognized as one of the most trusted and one of the most secure methods for online payments, not only in Europe but all around the globe. You can get started on PayPal just by opening an account on the trusted website, which is very easy.

The next step is to provide information about the credit/debit card, or add your bank account to your account on the website.

The most popular and leading Bingo websites in Europe accept payments through PayPal which adds to the popularity of this website. EntroPay is another safe medium of money transfer where you can directly use your credit card while playing bingo.


E-Wallets are another safe mode of depositing money in the online Bingo sites.  Ukash is an e-wallet that is used to directly make making deposits to various bingo sites by using vouchers.

Various popular bingo sites, like Wink Bingo, Virgin Bingo, Tasty Bingo accept this immensely popular option of payment.

Another very popular e-wallet that does not reveal any sensitive information without while making the payment to the online bingo sites is Pay safe card.

It is accepted by many popular bingo sites. Neteller is also a preferred choice amongst e-wallets which the online bingo accounts instantly show the payments made using it.

Direct Fund Transfer Options

Echeck accounts are also very useful in transferring money to the bingo sites as they transfer funds directly from the user’s bank account, minimizing the risk of any discrepancy.

The only requirement of Echeck is that you should have an actively used bank account with sufficient cash in it to go in sync with the bingo transactions.

But the user must verify before choosing this mode of payment if the bank account supports the transfer of funds to the gambling and bingo sites.

Some of the most famous bingo sites that accept this method of payment are Bodog, Bingo Workz among others. You can also choose

Webmoney fund transfer for depositing money to the online bingo sites. Signing up on Webmoney is very easy and it is a very safe and reliable way of making payment as many popular bingo sites are listed with it.

E-Wallets for International Users

European bingo sites are very popular among international user as well and the international users can also use websites like EcoCard which is a free of cost e-wallet. This form of payment is very famous among the international users when they play on European sites.

Many top sites are listed with EcoCard and hence this is a very safe and reliable way of transferring money online.

Instadebit is another such reputed and internationally famous e-wallet. It supports currencies as many as 27 countries and is also listed with many top bingo sites.

Europe Bingo Withdraw Methods

Playing bingo games has become more passionate with the introduction of online Bingo or gambling gaming experience via online edition of these games from the early 1990’s. European countries were the ones who adopted this game of gambling at first, and then they have taken it to another level and spread it all over the world.

Now the European people are more passionate and love this game like anything.

They even play the game for passing leisure periods with beer or whiskey in hand. Now to play these games, one must register himself with one valid licensed vendors site who provides the gambling experience via online, at the time registering, one may have to put in their details and the method in which they are going deposit money.

Thereafter, playing a few games or so, after winning some money, one may withdraw his winnings or some portion of his winnings or balance from his account under the website.

Withdrawal Policy

To withdraw ones winnings or portion of winnings, one have log in to his account under the website and request for the withdrawal under the same account’s Account Settings option.

While requesting for withdrawal one may have to choose the method in which they are willing to accept the withdrawal money and against the same, they may also have to provide several documents for verifications. The documents required for this purpose are like:

  1. Address proof of the user
  2. Photo id proof of the user
  3. Current electricity or telephone or gas bills.
  4. Driving license if any.
  5. Other required documents specific to the vendors.

After requesting for the same, one may have to wait for about 2-3 days to take up the transaction process to be done. While this fragile period of transaction, if any player is not willing to withdraw the amount, he may cancel the request for the same. But if the transaction process is done, he cannot revert back his decision to withdraw the amount he was willing to.

Available Withdrawal Methods

There are many withdrawal methods available for European players by the vendors concerned, they are as follows:

  1. E-wallet: It is like an online bank that does the transaction process on behalf the owner of the account. There are many e-wallet schemes available, of them Neteller, Moneybookers are the ones which mostly famous and widely used by the European nation’s players.
  2. Credit card: The same credit card used for depositing amounts to vendors, are being used again for the withdrawal method. Once a user chooses to withdraw his earnings via credit card, then the amount is reverted or returned back to the same credit card such as Visa card of the same account holder concerned.
  3. Cheque: For withdrawal procedure, one may even choose to get back the amount via cheques; it is one of the most secure ways to withdraw. There is little chance of theft of money. Hence this method is also followed widely in European nations.
  4. There may be many more methods to be applicable in this concern, like solo cards or maestro cards. But the choice of withdrawal method is highly dependent on the players concerned and the vendors under which they are playing Bingo.


The withdrawal methods in some countries may be a bit tricky but for other European nations, it is available in every possible way for the players. The choice of these withdrawal methods available from list of methods provided is fully dependent on the players itself.

Whatever the method is chosen by the players, they get back their earnings or portion of earnings to their accounts concerned.

Depending upon the currency provided they can check for other currencies available which suits their requirement while withdrawing the same.

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