It’s time to move into your new home, on Bingo Street

Bingo Street is one of the newest, freshest best bingo sites on the net, and may have the potential to be one of the best UK bingo sites to appear in the last few years. It’s funky coloured, artistic layout makes it a breath of fresh air, for any gamer tired of the dreary reds and blues of more common place, firmly established online bingo sites.

Bingo Street

Bingo Street

Bingo Street is a great place to have fun and let loose a little while you get the chance to enjoy seeing your ...

Kicking your Bingo Street account into life is a rathersizable250% match deposit bonus, up to £100. Bingo Street is offering far more than conventional bingo sites, with their very very generous, very very large Welcome Bonus. A few hundred pounds more, as it happens!

You don’t just get this from your Welcome Bonus though. Bingo Street is also honoured to offer you the chance to play their Shake The Signpost game, which might shell out another fifty pence to a fiver into your coffers, as on Shake The Signpost you simply are not allowed to lose.

Valentine’s Day will also see the arrival on a one time only promotion, the £700 Hour Of Amore, with seven £100 jackpots on offer, from 9pm, with tickets costing as little as 14 pence.

Also on the go at Bingo Street right now is a £500 Spruce Up promotion, 5% cash back deals, the trollied £25 bonus, 60% re-deposit bonuses, instant games prizes and bonuses, 7( and 9à ball bingo from as little as 1p – 4p, and a refer a friend bonus of 15,000 loyalty points. Yes, you did just read all that!

Bingo Street is also ahead of the game, with it’s Free 4 All (75 ball) and Freesy Street (90 ball), free bingo games.

These are 100% free bingo games, with no deposit required, and no ticket price for you to enter, to win between 50p and a pound (75 ball), or £2 to £5 respectively (90 ball).

With all that on offer, why would you stay with your shoddy old, boring bingo site any more? Join Bingo Street and be a part of something new, exciting and rich!

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