Latest Mobile Bingo Trends in 2023

Bingo for mobile and tablets is constantly evolving. This is largely because mobile technology is ever-changing. The coming year promises yet another year of pioneering technology. The latest mobile trends include:

  • More phone based payments – Whether we’re using our phone bill to pay or a dedicated eWallet app, it’s becoming far easier to make payments on a mobile device.
  • Optimised sites – For a while it seemed that brands loved to make apps but now it seems like brands want to rely on optimised sites instead. Frankly this is better for the player as there’s less faffing around before you play!

Why are there so many Bingo Trends?

Bingo trends seem to take hold super quickly, sometimes this seems more so in this industry than any other, but why is this? For one, online bingo is really competitive due to the number of sites on the market and number of players, as they’re all vying to get these players onto their lobby.

This means that trends that tend to bring in more players are quickly replicated across the board by these sites. These catch on fast and mean that we see aspects like the spin the wheel bonus starting on one site and spreading like wildfire.

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What are we looking for in the Best New Bingo Sites?

Because the bingo industry is always changing, what makes a good site changes a lot too. A few years ago, sites could offer bingo and a few bonuses to attract players but now the stakes are higher.

You’ve probably noticed that new bingo sites 2023 crop up regularly and the competition in the industry is fierce.

Now, these are the kind of things that we need to see to play on a bingo site:

Promotional Variety

It’s no longer enough to have just a first deposit bonus or some reload bonuses, we want promotional variety. What this means is we want to see free spins, giveaways, jackpot games, competitions and more in the promotions section.

Reasonable T&C’s

Strict wagering requirements are now enough to make a site unpopular. Years ago, a site could have strict T&Cs because players weren’t as informed and there wasn’t as much choice.

Now, players can check the terms and if they think they are unreasonable, they’ll vote with their feet.

Games From A Number Of Different Software Providers

A meagre slot or bingo game selection is highly disappointing on a new bingo site. As consumers, we now expect software from the likes of Dragonfish, Microgaming and NetEnt all in the one place.

Safe Payment Methods

We’re also much savvier about how we play online and what precautions we take. Alternate payment methods like PayPal and Paysafecard are ever more used, so new sites should accept them.

Good Customer Service

No matter if we’re shopping for shoes or playing bingo, we want good customer service. Having 24/7 support and a range of ways to access it (like live chat or via phone) is so much better for players.

Quick Payouts

When you’re up on cash, you want to withdraw it without waiting for weeks. Faster payouts are possible due to services like PayPal, so after an initial period of approval we want our cash quickly.

Social Interaction

We’re always on Facebook, just like most of our readers, and we like to see bingo sites on there too. If they offer bonuses and competitions then that’s even better!

New Features

Sites with the next big thing often take off, so it’s great for sites to experiment with new features. Some will even ask players what they think before they roll it out permanently, so you feel like your voice is being heard.

These are just some of the things that you’ll find on our must have list! We’re picky players but with so many sites on the market, why settle for anything but the best?

Networks Putting out the Most New Bingo Sites

Historically, Dragonfish have been king when it comes to the sheer amount of new sites on the market. They’re slowing down a bit and it seems that Jumpman Bingo sites, like those on the 15 and Wheel of Slots networks, are being put out at a much faster rate.

We’re still seeing some sites coming onto the Cozy Games platform, but this has slowed down substantially. Considering the main draw for players on this network was once the large no deposit bonuses, it seems like they’re still finding their feet post bonus tax.

There are also brand new providers set to roll out their bingo games through the year. Yggdrasil Gaming have announced that they’ll be entering into the bingo arena in 2023, which is a really exciting development.

They’ll be putting their own twist on bingo with this new way to play, which will also include elements of their slot games to boot.

Are Newer Sites Really Better?

While there’s usually a big rush to try out the latest bingo sites, are they really better than the old reliable ones we’re accustomed to? We feel that established sites can be just as good, if not better, as long as they keep their offerings up to date.

Let’s face it, no one wants to play on a dusty, old site with no new features. On the other side of the coin, we won’t always want to leave a site that we’re loyal to in order to play with a new one that doesn’t offer the same value for money.

New and established sites really need to be judged individually before you decide on playing there.

What We Have Seen So Far

These past few months have been good for players; sites have been offering:

  • Different types of jackpots, such as sliding and no lose jackpot games.
  • Sites experimenting with different promotions, like Facebook competitions and more prize draws.
  • Increase in prize games, we’re not just playing for cash any more.
  • More and bigger no deposit bonuses.
  • Fewer networked promotions as sites strive to become more unique.

What’s Next for Online Bingo?

As we look forward further into 2023 and beyond, there are a couple of things we can predict in the bingo world. Watch this space, as some of these might just come true:

  • We think that identical sites, like some on the Dragonfish network that don’t have unique promotions, will become less common.
  • There will be more bingo sites launching even more frequently.
  • There may be new alternate ways to pay, such as with Bitcoin on more sites.
  • There will be new ways to reward players and offer perks.
  • Sites will find new promotions and jackpot games for fun, there’s always a new way to play.
  • New software will make the bingo experience better and more reliable.
  • Faster internet will mean playing bingo on the go is even more fun.
  • Site closures, although it’s always sad to say goodbye to one of these sites, it’s inevitable for some of them. As the economy of the UK has changed significantly, some are pulling out of this territory for good.

Trends to Expect in 2023

We’re grabbing our crystal balls and taking a look into the future of bingo in 2023, here’s what we expect:

  • More Inventive Player Promos – As we see sites becoming more competitive, we’ll see them testing out more ways to stand out. Creating player promotions that are more inventive and just a bit different will allow some of them to do just that.
  • More Slot Focus – This is something that we’re seeing already, as bingo sites try to tempt their players into having a few spins on slot games. They use softer games like Fluffy Favourites to create a fun gaming environment. As we go through 2023, this will continue with specific promos and slot sister sites. It’s becoming more common to see new bingo sites with free spins bonuses to really cover all bases.
  • More Bingo Variants – The possibilities for bingo games really are endless, with branded elements and bonus rounds offering a lot more to the game. Developers will continue to innovate, with more bingo variants on the way next year.
  • Increased Focus on Social Media – Sites are using social media more and more to interact with their players. New bingo sites 2023 will continue to place an emphasis on this advertising channel, with promos, bonuses, new game demos and more making it worth players’ while.
  • More No Deposit Bonus Offers – As ever, we’ll see new no deposit bingo sites coming onto the market too. This is a great aspect for our readers, as it means you’ll be able to snap up more freebies than ever.
  • Mobile Bingo Dominates – This won’t be surprising for our readers, as we’re sure you’ll have noticed the influx of new mobile bingo sites. With mobile play more popular than ever, even taking over desktop figures, sites can’t afford to ignore those that want to play through their mobile device.
  • UK Gambling Commission Crack-Downs – This government body are stepping in more often than ever now, as they protect UK bingo players. This will continue through the year, as they challenge sites on their T&Cs, withdrawal limits, misleading marketing and a range of other practices.

So this is what we know will most likely happen, but what are we really looking forward to? Well, we’d love to see:

  • Sites Experiment with VR – Virtual Reality could really be a game changer and we’d enjoy getting a handle on this. There aren’t any bingo sites using it yet, some casino sites are though and we want to try it out! Fingers crossed for next year.
  • Responsible Sites – Most sites on the internet now preach responsible sites, but sometimes it feels like they’re ticking a box. On some of our favourite sites, they really are responsible and educate their players, which should be rolled out across the board.
  • Better Terms for Players – Sites should also be aware that they have to be more player friendly with their terms. As we mentioned above, players are more aware these days, but sites need to up their game, especially since no wagering requirement sites are a viable option now.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on all of the latest news concerning new mobile bingo sites 2023, so stick with us. We’ll be sure to tell you about the hottest new things about the industry so you can stay ahead of the pack.

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