Loadsa Bingo Has Promos You Need

Loadsa Bingo is presently running a “200 West End” promotion. Every Thursday night starting at 8:30 pm, you are given the chance to win up to £200.

You can play up to 48 Bingo tickets in the game at one time and the tickets are priced at 50p per card. Do you like playing Bingo for mere pennies? Read on to learn more.

Loadsa Bingo

Loadsa Bingo

Another big name to hit our catalogue is the unique and intriguing Loadsa Bingo. This brand sparklingly brilliant site ...

Play the Penny Hour for Big Action Online

Take advantage of Loadsa Bingo’s Penny Hour promotion. Every day you can play Bingo for a few pennies just by entering the Penny Lane room and buying Bingo tickets priced between 1p and 4p. You can play up to 96 Bingo cards per game.

Top Up, Hop Off Promo and More for Bonuses

At Loadsa Bingo you can play the “Top Up, Hop Off” promotion where you get the chance of winning between £30 and £500.

Games are offered from 7:00 PM to midnight, and a new game is offered every hour. Just enter into the Coach & Horses Room.

If you manage to get Bingo in 48 calls you get the £500 jackpot. In order to win you have to get Bingo in a coverall pattern.

Each card associated with this Loadsa Bingo promotion costs 10p, and you can play up to 48 cards at one time.

Claim Your First Deposit Bonus Action Today

As a first time member at Loadsa Bingo, you are given a chance at winning between £7.50 and £2000, just for making your first deposit.

Get the site’s software, register, make your deposit of anything between £5 and £1000, and you get a scratch card that reveals exactly what you win. Loadsa Bingo has free Bingo game offers too where players get a chance to win £1000.

Get In On the Telly Hour Promo for Fun and Games

Loadsa Bingo is currently offering a Telly Hour promotion where you can win up to 2000 jps just for playing the game. If you are a fan of British television shows, you can play every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30 pm. Y

ou will be asked 5 questions pertaining to an Eastenders-themed quiz during a chat game; if you win, your points are credited to your account following the game. Just enter into the site’s EastEnders room at scheduled times to play.

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