Play a new online bingo site and help a friend

If you are new to online bingo you have a real challenge at the moment, as there are so many online bingo sites on the market that it makes choosing where to play a really difficult task.

To help make your decision a lot easier there are a few things that you can do that will certainly make the hunt for a great online bingo site a whole lot easier.

Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo is a sensational new concept in the world of online bingo. Not only is it an excellent bingo site, but it ...

Firstly there is friend referral, this route is probably one of the best and safest.

If you have a friend who is a keen online bingo player then ask their advice on the best online bingo sites to visit, and although as a player they may not have the same taste as you it is still likely that when it comes to online bingo that they won’t lead you astray.

The other great thing with a friend referring you is that you can give a little free gift to your friend too.

It’s kind of a two way street, they give you the heads up on the best online bingo sites to play and if they use the referral option at the bingo sites concerned, then they usually will benefit from a free bingo bonus or cash sum to say thanks for the recommendation when you make your first deposit!

Sites like Wink Bingo give a generous free bingo tickets for friends that players refer so it is certainly worth consulting your friends before you sign up for any new online bingo sites.

Another way of separating the wheat from the chaff is by visiting sites like BallBingo, these useful online bingo resources will provide all the details of the best sites to visit, certainly all the reputable ones and will also be stacked out with useful information regarding promotions, news and sometimes some great bonuses too.

Making sure that you are playing at a reputable site is critical at the moment and certainly with so many new online bingo sites such as the ones we have written about recently Bingo Barmy and Pizazz Bingo entering the market it really is the most sensible option.

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