Playing multi-card bingo with auto-daub feature

If its your first time playing bingo, then you’ll probably be quite happy playing with just one card, as this gives you time to get used to playing the game of bingo in a nice easy way.

However more experienced players would probably find this very boring, and will play bingo with multiple cards.

There are different ways of looking at multi-card bingo play, and advantages and disadvantages to both

The more bingo cards you have the more money you have to stake, and so if you don’t get lucky then the larger amount of money you’ll have lost.

Some people would counter this and say the more bingo cards you have the more chances you have of winning and being the first player to call bingo.

When playing with multiple bingo cards at once, you need to make sure you are playing within your capabilities, as if you have more than you can properly handle you run the risk of missing out on marking off all of your numbers.

Therefore you could have a winning bingo card but miss out a number and therefore miss your chance to win, as if another number is called after the one you needed for a line or full house that means it’s then too late for you to call.

Also if you are concentrating too hard on your cards you may also miss out on the fun and enjoyment of playing, which after all is a major part of playing bingo.

If you are playing multiple cards though at an online bingo site things are made far easier for you as there you have an auto-dauber, whereby if the numbers you have on your cards are called they will automatically be marked off for you.

Therefore you can play as many cards as your budget allows without getting stressed and missing out on numbers and the fun. In the current economic climate most bingo players have a budget they need to stick to.

If that applies to you then it’s probably best to look at the total amount you wish to spend on tickets, then look at how much the tickets cost, and this will let you know how many tickets you can afford to buy.

This way you can work out your strategy at the beginning of the session and avoid the risk of getting carried away and spending more than you intended to.

How to play bingo automatically

A dauber was originally used to refer to a special kind of pen which was used in the game of bingo to mark the numbers off a card with.

When most players think of a dauber they think of a thick pen which covers the number but still allows it to be read, which is vital for when you call bingo and the card needs to be checked to make sure the correct numbers have been marked off.

An auto-dauber is a natural progression of this, and is used when playing bingo on online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo.

The idea is very simple; the auto dauber marks off the numbers called automatically without you having to physically do this yourself.

The use of this varies from site to site, at some sites like Tickety Bingo you have to select this as an option. It has proved to be extremely popular with players for several reasons.

If players are playing multiple cards this function makes their lives so much easier – instead of them searching each one to see if it contains the number just called the auto-dauber will do this for them, so minimizing the chances of them missing a number and potentially a prize.

It is also a vital tool for busy people, as it means they can play games when previously they would have had to miss out if they were not able to be online and mark off the numbers as they were called.

At the end of the day, bingo sites need as many people playing as possible, as not only does this hopefully bring more people making deposits, and therefore maximizing profits, but in the long-run it also brings more players to make sure that the site is busy, has a lively chat facility and gains popularity amongst players as it gains a good name.

This is becoming increasingly popular as more and more sites are being launched onto the bingo market, so there is a constant battle to attract and keep players.

The auto-daub function can also be used if a player has to temporarily stop playing a game, even if it’s just to make a cup of tea or answer the door or even to play Quality Bingo slots or other games while playing bingo online.

Some players like the auto-dauber feature, whereas other players prefer to mark off the numbers themselves.

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