Popular Online Bingo Bonuses – a great way to get the maximum value from a membership

Popular Online Bingo Bonuses have a good side and a bad side, but they are certainly not all bad. The one thing that any online bingo player needs to know from the get go, is that the terms and conditions regarding bonuses should always be read and understood fully first before agreeing to become a member of any site.

They are a great way to get the maximum value from a membership as possible.

The No-Deposit Bonus

This is a completely risk free bonus, not all sites offer it, but many do, and it is a bonus which is offered on sign up, with the only condition being that the member registers a payment method – more often than not, credit or debit card details.

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This bonus enables the player to explore the site and the games to some degree or other, and get and idea if they would enjoy being a member of the site.

If the player wins with this free bingo money, they are generally obliged to become a depositing player and meet wagering requirements prior to withdrawing any winnings.

The First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus(popular online bingo bonuses) is usually the largest bonus offered and it varies from 100% to anything like 400%. This is a bit of a double edged sword, because the more bonuses the player is given, generally speaking the higher the wagering requirements to withdraw winnings.

To err on the side of caution, it is generally wisest to take this bonus at face value and deposit the minimum required amount, or even opt out. This saves the player having to wager hundreds in real cash money before withdrawals become possible.

Remember, this is not a trick it is a matter of fairness. If the player makes a deposit of £100 and receives £200 free from the site, the online bingo site has to protect its investment in the player too.

Some sites allow bonus money to be withdrawn as well as winnings but only after the prerequisite wagering conditions have been met, while other sites cancel all bonus funds when a request for withdrawal has been made.

The Re-deposit Bonus

Re-deposit bonuses are a great way for sites to ensure loyalty from their members, these are offered on a sliding scale in many cases, with the more loyal a player being, the bigger the bonus money granted.

In many instances the bonus is 25% for beginners, but the most often scenario is 50%. As the member traverses up the loyalty ladder, these increase in size. Again check the terms and conditions of this bonus money, it may be wisest to spend it before making a withdrawal from and account.

The Cash Back Bonus

This type of bonus is often offered as an incentive to play a particular game or group of games – for arguments sake, instant wins. They are offered on a certain day, and some online bingo sites even offer cash backs for life, over and above all the other bonuses available.

These are often limited to a certain amount, say £20, and are generally only offered to players who don´t win on these specific games.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points or bingo points are bonuses also, they can be saved and traded for real cash money to play games for free and to my way of thinking are the least complicated type of bonus(popular online bingo bonuses).

They are earned by purchasing bingo tickets, playing slots and other games, winning chat games, referring friends to the site (although this is also sometimes cash), in special promotions, for playing team bingo (where millions are up for grabs), and other specified activities.

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