Posh Bingo likes to repeat good bingo news

Posh Bingo are clearly very proud of their big bingo winners as they have re-released details of a lucky Posh Bingo winner from back in January!

The lucky Posh Bingo winner, 23 year old Carley Houghton scooped a massive £45,577 (and 26p) playing the very popular Fluffy Favourites game and at the time many online bingo blog sites (this one included) reported on the obvious success of Carley.

Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo has landed and what a breath of fresh air it is too, like other notable new online bingo sites before it ...

We all love to hear about big online bingo and slots winners here in the Bingograpes, and we know all our dear readers do too.

Played on recommendation of her friend

Carley is probably still on cloud 9 from her big bingo win and no doubt still has to pinch herself each day when she wakes up. Carley also is probably continually counting her blessings that a friend recommended the Posh Bingo site to her way back in April 2009.

Taking her friends advice Carley immediately played the online bingo site and has never looked back since becoming a loyal Posh Bingo fan.

This loyalty has obviously well and truly paid off as she can now look forward to a very bright future.

May all your wins be just like Carley’s

If you haven’t yet tried Posh Bingo for yourself and fancy emulating the success of Carley Houghton then check out the online bingo site for all the offers and promotions that are available.

Currently there is a 200% bonus match on a first deposit so well worth maxing out on that all important first deposit so that you can try your luck at the Fluffy Favourites progressive slot just like Carley.

Be reckless with the free bonus after all, what you never had you won’t miss! Good luck from all the team in the Bingograpes office, we hope all your wins will be big fluffy ones just like Carley’s!

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