Red Bus Bingo is one of the most exciting bingo sites that is currently on the web

Red Bus Bingo offers a wide range of promotions and bonuses, and there are enough games to keep even the most fickle players occupied. Although this site functions similarly to competing companies, the amount of bonuses that are offered really outdoes the competition.

The basic games that are available are 75 and 90 ball bingo, slots, casino, instant games, and progressive jackpots. For those who are new to the site, first time players are given a 250% bonus on deposits between $5 and $100.

RedBus Bingo

RedBus Bingo

RedBus Bingo is a bingo website of the best of them. Welcoming everyone who joins with a smile and some great signup ...

The maximum bonus that one can receive is a Free Play 1000 which cannot be redeemed for cash.

Positive Aspects of Red Bus Bingo

There are a lot of advantages associated with this site. The layout of the website is crisp, clean, and professional. A players feels like they are partaking in the business of a well-organized company.

For first time users, it is very easy to navigate the site and see what games and promotions are available. A person does not have to sign up for the site in order to see what it can offer.

The first deposit match bonus of 250% is extremely helpful and generous. A first time user does have to make a first deposit anywhere between £5 and £10 but the bonus that is associated with it is well worth it.

All first time deposit makers also receive a free Scratch card with a cash match bonus of anywhere between 50% and 2000%. Furthermore, after a person has placed their first deposit down, they then receive a reload bonus of 50%, which means that a player gets paid simply for reloading their account.

Other positive points associated with Redbus bingo include impeccable customer service that is eager to please and happy to answer questions. Customer service representatives are very much dedicated to making each player’s experience a positive one. Although the site is very easy to navigate, the representatives are more than willing to explain the features of the site.

There are also blogs that cover a wide range of topics. Players can discuss anything (not just gambling) and creating a social community is important to the site.

The promotions are truly outstanding and offer many opportunities for winning big. For example, in the Big Ben Bonanza promotion, a player is eligible for £1 millio every Friday at 9:30pm.

There is also the £200 Bridge the Gap bonus that allows players to win big every Saturday. Some of the promotions even take into account popular pop culture references such as the Eastenders. The possibilities to win big are truly endless.

Negative Aspects of Red Bus Bingo

Because the design of the site is very clean and basic it can come across as somewhat childish. This might be of some concern for players who are also parents.

But it is important that parents play when children are not present so there will be little temptation for young ones. The format of the games themselves are also similar to those offered on other sites.

This might be a disappointment for players who are looking for variations in format.

Red Bus Bingo – Winners and Winnings

There people who make up the winners list are average everyday players that enjoy playing the games. The latest winner of the £2,839 Double Decker game is a loyal player named redkitty.

Another big winner recently won £5,019 off of the Double Decker game as well. This is only a small example of the multiple winners visit Red Bus Bingo every day.

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