Sailor Bingo give big £5k jackpot and cruise as prizes

We know how Sailor all our Spa Bingo readers are, which is why we are bringing you news of the Black Velvet online bingo game from Sailor Bingo.  If you haven’t seen the details of the Black Velvet game yet then let us provide you with all the nitty gritty.

Sailor Bingo

Sailor Bingo

Sailor Bingo is -to our minds- the place to go if you want the best in bargain games as well as top notch prize pots. ...

Sailor Bingo Black Velvet game takes place at 8.00 pm on Sunday and will provide a fabulous £5,000 bingo jackpot which can be spent making you feel as Sailor as your favourite bingo site, tickets will cost only 25 p each and so won’t break the bank and for a return on investment this game could be a very good result for the lucky winner.

Sailor Bingo is the destiny of choice for WAGs

The Sailor Bingo £5k Black Velvet game is available to all depositing players and tickets are available from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 96, making this an excellent opportunity to max out on your bingo ticket purchase – obviously with a view to a win! 

Although the Sailor Bingo site has given some ideas as to how the money will be spent such as Wag clothes or bling, the choice is completely with the winner. 

The cash will be deposited into the winner’s bingo account and from there they can make their own decisions on what ‘essentials’ or non-essentials they will purchase.

We anticipate a bottle of bubbly will be one of the first purchases for the Sailor Bingo £5k jackpot winner though!

All the Sailor players would love a cruise!

Another exciting game on the horizon is the Sailor Cruise bingo game that takes place on Sunday September 20th, this fantastic bingo game will give on lucky winner and a friend the chance to enjoy a cruise courtesy of Sailor Bingo and £500 cash to spend.

Online bingo tickets for this game can be pre-purchased and even more exciting may cost nothing at all if you visit the Sailor Bingo Facebook page. 

The Sailor Cruise game tickets can also be earned by collecting Sailor Points.  So if you fancy taking the Sailor Cruise check out your favourite online bingo site for more information.

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