Tasty Bingo is for those players who are looking for a classy and sophisticated site

Tasty Bingo offers standard 90 ball and 75 ball bingo with progressive jackpots. The initial lobby that one encounters allows entry into one of the standard online bingo halls.

A player can continue in one of these halls or they can pick the “Advance Buy” button and have access to special games.

The other games offered on this site include scratch cards, slots, roulette, black jack, and specials. The maximum bonus is 200% at £200.

Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo is a newer concept for an online bingo site. This online website offers great deals and promotions that ...

For first time users, a 200% match is placed on the first deposit and there is a welcome bonus of £10 automatically placed into an account.

Tasty Bingo – Positives

Tasty Bingo offers some of the most in-depth descriptions of games, promotions, and banking procedures of any bingo site that is currently on the web. In order to access the above features, a player has to click on each individual page.

At the bottom of each page is a well-written and comprehensive description of how to play a game, how to choose a game, how promotions work, and how to do banking with the company.

This is extremely helpful for new users who want to see the features of the site before signing up for it. There is even more help available in the form of a support tab.

The tab itself has a FAQs section, a gambling language and phrase guide, a glossary, and an Ask Astrid section. The last section allows players to directly contact customer support with questions and enquiries.

Tasty bingo has by far the best customer service of any gambling site that is currently online.

The promotions offered by the company are also quite good. They range from daily to weekly to monthly specials that allow players to win big on several different occasions.

One of the best specials is the Carnival Week Giveaway where £7000 is given away in the span of a single weekend. There is also a 200% first deposit bonus for first time players as well as a £10 Welcome bonus.

There are opportunities to socialize on the site and this comes in the form of bingo chat games and forums. A terrific part of this site is the etiquette that is expected when chatting on forums and on games.

Rudeness and inappropriateness are not appreciated and are warned against. There is even an etiquette rule book on the site that makes chatters away of the site’s code of conduct.

This is great for users who are tired of chatting with immature or ill-informed players.

The promotions and bonuses offered on this site are good but not as extensive as their contemporary counterparts. This might be due to the fact that the site was created by Dragonfish, the first online casino that was ever created.

While they offer a lot of promotions, they are not able to offer the vast amounts that newer companies can give out.

The website itself is also quite sophisticated and may not be exciting enough for players who are used to constant activity. For those players who like lots of pop-ups and graphics, the relatively subdued nature of this website might not be enough.

Tasty Bingo – Winners and Winnings

The great thing about Tasty Bingo is the fact that the home page displays the names of winners and their winnings on a constant basis.

For example, one only needs to look at the home page to find out that marylow has won £1386 and dede33 has won £1000. The average winnings seems to be in the £1000 – 2000 range, which makes the jackpots for this site relatively large.

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