Three Hot Bingo Rooms at Barmy Bingo

Bingo bonuses are always welcome by online bingo players and in the bingo rooms at Barmy Bingo you will be able to join in with promotions.

By becoming a member you will also be able to get £20 to purchase your bingo cards with just by putting £5 into your player’s account.

As you can see this will give you £25 to spend in three hot bingo rooms at Barmy Bingo. So which rooms should you check out?

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Play the Superroom Games at Barmy Bingo

The Superroom – this new room is open between7pm – 11pm every dingle night of the week. In this room you will be able to play bingo totally for free.

If you are a member you will get 36 tickets per game, and these will bag you a smaller prize.

You can choose to upgrade these tickets and remote chance of winning a larger prize.

Play Barmy’s Fairground Room at Barmy Bingo

Barmy’s Fairground – this is another new room and if you want to play bingo inside you need to enter between 6pm – midnight.

In this room players all have the same number of tickets and pay the same amount for them. This gives everyone in equal chance of winning which is very attractive to many players.

Play Bargain Basement Games at Barmy Bingo

Bargain Basement – this room will come and go and when it is in session you will be able to buy bingo tickets at cut prices.

The prizes that are on offer in this room are very generous and many people will wait for the bargain basement to open in order to play their favourite games of bingo.

Play all the Rooms at Barmy Bingo – Change it up

These are just a few of the many bingo rooms that are available at Barmy Bingo and you will be keen to see what each one of them is about in more detail.

So sign up and collect your new player bonus and start to enjoy them. There are so many unique bingo rooms at Barmy Bingo you will have to spend a lot of time online to play them all.

You’ll find your favourite room eventually, but it is always awesome to have so many excellent options for playing bingo online – and all in one great bingo hall site too!

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