Top 5 Funniest & Crazy Online Bingo Adverts

When it comes to advertising online bingo the operators have a multitude of platforms to choose from but of late television marketing seems to be at the forefront.

Big names in the industry have taken to promoting their wares on our small screens and here we take a look at the top 5 bingo adverts currently appearing in the commercial breaks of our television viewing.

Bingo Godz

Although previously the BingoGodz mascot seemed to be a little sinister and the location of shooting added to the “stalker” persona he had, a new round of marketing saw God get funky as he strutted his stuff up and down the streets to the tune of ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge back in 2008.

2009 and the loveable God got even more hip with a great new campaign that saw him appear from a UFO and get his groove on to ‘Funky Town’ by Lipps Inc.

Watch the video below.

Cheeky Bingo

The first ever Cheeky Bingo advert appeared on our screens in October 2009 and featured ‘Ricardo’, the all singing, all dancing jalapeno. For those viewers with a keen eye the resemblance to the brains behind the Virgin name can’t be missed. As bingo adverts go the Cheeky Bingo one bought something a little different the online bingo advertising scene.

Watch the video below.

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo would have had our number one spot in the top 5 bingo adverts had the Advertising Standards Agency not seen fit, after one complaint, to ban the previous offering from this impressive bingo site.

The first MeccaBingo advert had everything, great animation, a catchy tune that was also relevant and more importantly, plenty of information about what the site had to offer online bingo players. However, the new MeccaBingo advert doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor and has been likened to an advert for Saga Holidays!

Watch the video below.

Costa Bingo

The new Costa Bingo advert featuring Mel B with bingo balls for heads is not worthy of a place in the top five; it seems to gratuitous. However, the previous offering with the bingo heads in lots of every day situations is more than worthy!

Watch the video below.

888Ladies Bingo

Vic Reeves made a great name for 888Ladies Bingo when he donned his dress, make up and heals to advertise this online bingo site and is definitely deserving of a place in our top 5 bingo adverts. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the more recent 888 Ladies Superstar campaign which saw the site lose site of the player / brand connection. Read our 888 Ladies Bingo review.

Watch the video below.

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