Quick Bingo Guide

A Quick guide to help you with registration and playing the online bingo games. Getting started with bingo is such an easy thing to do.

Follow the detailed steps below to make sure you are chatting and winning online in no time.

5 Steps to claim your bonus and playing online bingo

  1. Choose the bingo site that appeals the most to you.
    You will find different bonus promotions (normally a 100% match is made on your first deposit), as well as no deposit bonus (normally $5 or more are allocated to your account when you register without making a deposit). The no deposit bonus is a great way to “try before you buy”. This way you get to know the other players and see how well you enjoy the community of the specific online bingo hall.2) Register by choosing an alias (nickname) , password and providing your email adress when registering.
  2. You will then receive and instant confirmation email where you will have to click the link that is provided to activate your new account.
  3. You are now ready to login and get right into the action.
    Once logged in you are provided with different bingo halls and games. If a flash version is available, then for a quick preview of the games, click the flash version game. This means you don’t have to download and install the software on your pc to play. If no flash version is available, click the download button to install the software on your pc. This is normally a very quick process and should only take a minute or so.
  4. Once in the game you will notice the chat messages and options to buy bingo cards.
    This is your chance to make use of your no deposit bonus if you received one. Alternatively make a deposit and play for real, or just play for free. Most online bingo halls provide freeplay. Make use of online support if you are not sure.
  5. Buy your bingo cards and join the excitement.
    GL (Not sure what this means? Check out our printable PDF – online bingo lingo guide.

Online Bingo Tips

Playing online bingo – Tips for online bingo players. Make sure to follow these tips to make for an enjoyable, safe, end exciting winning experience!

The best online bingo bonus should be more than $10 and don’t forget the casino games at the casino.

  • Always try to avoid bingo games that are too crowded – try and join a game that is more balanced as this will increase your chances of winning.
  • Try to joing the bingo games where the cards sell for 25c or more. These games always have larger cash prizes.
  • Make a point of joining an online bingo community as you will find a wealth of useful info and tips from experienced bingo players.
  • Choose to play online bingo at sites that have the best chat specials as these sites normally have bigger and better bonuses.
  • Double your playing money by playing at sites with the best deposit bonuses.
  • Play more online betting cards this will improve your chances of winning. The more cards, the better your chances!
  • The largest jackpots are usually won on Friday and Saturday nights between 8 and 11 pm.
  • Did you know that some online bingo sites allow you to change your cards if you don’t like them, be sure to make use of this feature.
  • Make sure that you use “Auto bingo” features, by using them you greatly improve your chances of winning.
  • Top Tip: Do not be too tempted by cards that have lucky numbers like 7 or 11, as these numbers appear on only 20% of all the winning cards.

Learn the Basics of playing Bingo Online!

A Quick guide to learn the basics of online bingo:

There really is not much skill required when it comes to playing bingo online. The essence of the game, is meeting new people, chatting online, and the winning offcourse! Take advantage of the many bingo promotions and be a winner today!

Quicker than you can say “Bingo!”
It’s extremely easy to get started with an online bingo game. The basics of bingo is something you will pick up quicker than you can shout Bingo!
Bingo Pattern ExampleThere here are easy ways to increase your odds.

Similar to lottory games, you buy your bingo cards. Each bingo game have a pattern. When the numbers called forms and matches the pattern of the current game, you win. It’s that easy!

The game itself actually keep tabs of all of this for you, so no need for any real skill here 😉

The secret here is the more cards you buy then better your changes.
Normally cards cost between 0.05c to $2. Obviously the more expensive the cards, the bigger the jackpot payouts.

To add to the excitement of the games is online bingo chat. Different games have different chat moderators (CM). They are the there to help and guide you. Instant chat.

There are certain guideline to chatting in the rooms. The basics are not to use CAPITAL LETTERS or to use abusive or threatening language or racial, sexual or ethnic slurs of any kind.

Play, chat and have great fun!
Typical Online Bingo GameNow, in the chat room, you will meet a whole bunch of interesting people having fun. This the best part (apart from winning offcourse).

When sighning up, you have the chance to choose an alias. a Nickname if you like. I have seem some realy funny ones. Get creative 🙂

Getting to learn the Lingo:
Chatting online is great fun, but you will find alot of online players typing abbriviations like “WTG” (Way to Go!) and “ASAP”.

I am sure you know what ASAP means, right? Now there is a whole lot of these and can be found on the Bingo Lingo Page.

Print them for quick reference. Good luck and remember to have fun! GL = Good Luck! 🙂

Play Bingo – Online Bingo Promotions

For most people, to play online bingo games is a great way to meet new friends and chat with existing ones. This interaction makes online bingo a unique and exciting experience.

If you are new to bingo, try our page on “bingo basics”. This should give you a quick overview of why millions of people love this popular game so much.

Bingo chat allows you to interact with other online bingo players while playing in your favourite online bingo hall. Let’s not forget the jackpots and amazing bingo deposit bonusses that goes along with playing bingo online.

If you are new to bingo or casino, our getting started with online bingo guide should get you chattting and playing bingo in no time!

Getting started with Bingo

Most online bingo halls offer a “no deposit bonus”, normally between $10 – $50. When you register, you are allowed to play for real without having to deposit any of your own money, plus still standing an equal chance to walk away with the jackpot! . Also, be sure not to miss our reviews and best bingo promotions.

If you are new to Bingo, why not download the getting started with bingo PDF to keep as a reference? Choose the bingo site that appeals the most to you. You will find different bonus promotions. Don’t miss out, join now!

Bingo and Online Slots

Many online bingo players also enjoy playing slots. If your totally new to playing slots games you might want to just try out some totally free slots which can be played in your browser with no download needed and totally free!

If you enjoy playing for real money you may be interested in the winning information for each slot game provide on this online slots site, but if all you want to do is play bingo online then you are in the right place!

The difference between 30 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo Games

When online bingo was first introduced, gamers who wanted to play bingo games had very few sites to choose from. Further more, these limited sites would only offer them a chance to play either 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo.

However, since the introduction of more bingo sites, and new bingo games like 30 ball bingo, players began to have a better choice.

30 Ball Bingo is especially aimed at players who do not enjoy playing the long drawn out versions of the game such as 90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo.

These games typically tend to be time consuming, and if you are hard pressed for time, then it is impossible to catch a quick game.

30 Ball Bingo is the ideal game for people who want to play bingo that has a fast pace and keeps them interested. This game offers players a chance to win without spending the time playing.

Apart from the speed of play, the only differences between this game and any of the other variations of bingo is the fact that the 30-ball bingo game is played using numbers that range between 1 and 30 only.

This fact greatly improves the speed, especially since the tickets and the callboard are also modified to suit this version.

Since this form of the game is still in its infant version, not too many online bingo sites currently offer 30 Ball bingo.

However, this scenario is changing, and many of the online bingo sites in the U.K and U.S are beginning to see the appeal of the shorter form of the game.

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